Ireland’s Gardening Forum and gardening tips

…brought to you by The Pavilion Garden Centre, Cork

Your gardening problems solved! Got a gardening problem? Whats the best plant for where? How to control a rampant weed? The Pavilion Garden Centre’s Irish Gardening Forum is the place to find the answer.

Our new gardening community forum is the place to come for gardening tips and advice on any aspect of Irish gardening. This Irish Gardener community is monitored and actively participated in by the expert horticulturalists at The Pavilion Garden Centre in Cork, among them, Peter Dowdall, Charlie O’Leary, Cornelia Creedon and Alan Wildes our Landscape architect. You will also find answers to your questions, helpful advice and gardening tips and tricks contributed by the helpful and always knowledgable Irish Gardeners.

Of course we also encourage you to participate in the conversation and share your own knowledge. You can create a new topic if you don’t find what your looking for initially.

What are you waiting for?

Peter Dowdall at The Pavilion Garden Centre