Our bedding plants are grown right here in The Pavilion Nursery

We give your plants the best start in life ensuring they have good root and stem development and are at their prime when they get to your garden giving you great colour all Summer long.

Growing our own summer bedding plants allows us to control lots of the elements that give these plants the best chance to thrive right throughout this summer and autumn. Summer bedding plants have a finite period of time to impress. It is for this reason that it is important to buy really healthy plants, so you have better results when you transfer them into pots and containers.

Pavilion grown summer bedding plants are the Gold standard in quality.

At our nursery we use a larger 13cm pot rather than the normal 10cm pot size. This means that the root system of the plant has more generous space to develop and thrive before they are transplanted to baskets or containers. The root system of the plant is its heart and lungs, therefore the success of plants is dependant on a healthy nursery growing environment. Bigger pot size translates to stronger plants, bigger colour and a longer flowering period once you care for them at home. Before you take your plants home lots of the establishing growth period has passed so if you don’t buy fresh and healthy cared for plants, they will not thrive later.

Tips for caring for your summer bedding plants:

  • Watering: Ensure plants are moist before planting using good compost and a slow release fertiliser. After planting to pots or containers water them very well. Continue to water the summer bedding plants every day especially after warm sunny days. It is best to water plants in the evening time after the heat of the day has passed.
  • Feeding: Every 2 – 3 weeks it is a good idea to feed summer bedding plants with a tomato feed or Liquid Gold. This will prolong the flowering period of your bedding plants.
  • Choose the right position: Most summer bedding plants love the sun and will thrive in a sunny position in the garden. However, there are some plants that will tolerate shade such as begonia’s and busy lizzies.
  • Deadhead regularly: In order to encourage optimum flowering period deadhead regularly as required. This means that you need to snap off dead flowers at the end of the stem. This will encourage more flowers to follow.

Did you know!

You can bring your pots and containers to us and we will plant them up with your favourite plants and colours. You can leave them with us and we will care for them over a period of one week so they get well settled into their new environment before you take them to your garden.