November Gardening Tips

November Gardening Tips

Brrrr, getting cooler, it must be November!

Shorter days, darker evenings mean only one thing - its officially Winter! We hope you will find these November gardening tips helpful to guide you through the beginning of Winter!

Early November:

Try to finish off bulb planting soon. In fact this is a great time to be planting tulips but if your soil is heavy put some coarse grit into the planting holes.

Mounded, fleshy leafed alpines benefit from protection against getting too wet. Cover with a small cloche.

Plant trees, shrubs, fruiting plants and roses of all kinds. They will be able to settle themselves in before the spring.

Sow Claudia broad beans and round seeded peas, like Feltham First, in sheltered spots for cropping in June.

Christmas roses (Helleborus niger) flower better and earlier with a little protection from a cloche.

Hellebores hate being disturbed but if you must move one this is the best time. Lift it with a good large ball of soil around the roots.

Mid November

Check tree stakes and ties before winter winds cause damage.

Plant Paperwhite narcissi for Christmas flowers.

Clean the glass and insulate your greenhouse using bubble polythene.

Pinch out the tips of autumn sown sweet peas when they are 10cm (4in) tall.

Plant garlic by the end of this month, it enjoys a well-drained position. If in doubt plant cloves 10cm (4in) deep in mounded rows 15cm (6in) high.

Take hardwood cuttings of soft fruit bushes and shrubs.

Plant bare root hedging plants.

Keep greenhouses and frames ventilated on bright days.

Grass growth generally slows down a little this month, so only give your lawn a light mowing if the grass is dry.

If you have not already done so, treat the lawn to a dose of autumn lawn fertiliser and aerate it. This treatment will pay dividends in the spring.

Some herbaceous plants –e.g. Dicentra spectablis and Primula denticulata can be brought indoors for early flowers.

If your garden is lacking colour plant some winter flowering shrubs now.

Sow fast maturing carrots, radishes, winter hardy salad onions etc in the greenhouse for April harvest.

Plant a container with winter flowering heathers to brighten up your patio.

Trim over summer heathers to remove the old flower stems.

Slugs find greenhouse conditions ideal, so they will still be very active in there. Take some steps towards controlling them.

Clean patios and concrete paths to remove potentially slippery moss and algae.

Late November:

Feed flowering houseplants weekly but foliage ones once a month.

Pot up pieces of chives, parsley and mint to bring indoors for fresh foliage all winter.

Begin pruning grapes as soon as the leaves have fallen.

Garden birds benefit from extra feeding all year round, but it is especially important in the winter months. Try to put out appropriate food for the species living in your garden and make sure that water is readily available too.

Prune free standing apple and pear trees after leaf fall.

Place houseplants on wide saucers of moist gravel to provide extra humidity. Grouping them together on trays of moist gravel helps even more, as central heating is very dry.

Begin washing pots and trays in disinfectant ready for the new sowing season.

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