Deco Bird Feeder - Pole Mounted
Deco Bird Feeder - Pole Mounted

Deco Bird Feeder - Pole Mounted


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Gloster's Deco Bird Feeder is a beautiful and minimalistic take on a classic outdoor accessory that invites the local wildlife to take part in your outdoor arrangement.

The piece was designed to invite an infusion of life and energy into an outdoor space while still adhering to the design philosophies present in Gloster Furniture. Through understated lines, smooth edges, and a small footprint left on a space, Deco Bird Feeder offers a beautiful minimalistic solution to a classic genre of outdoor accessory

  • With hanging, pole, and wall-mounted options, they can conform to the personality of any space.
  • By using natural finish teak and resilient powder-coated aluminum, these are built to last.
  • Teak is the ideal lumber for outdoor use, as its high oil content gives it a long lifespan.

  • Height: 216cm
  • Diameter: 28cm

  • Material: Teak, Aluminium
  • Type: Accessories
  • Frame: Meteor