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Azalea Pink - 2 Ltr Pot


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Azaleas are beautiful shrubs, known as the Royalty of the Garden, because of their notoriously vibrant, colourful blooms. 

Azaleas are deciduous with gigantic flowers in bold trusses from late Spring. They tend to be larger and hardier than their familiar evergreen cousins, Rhododendron. Azaleas have the most flamboyant flowers of all the rhododendron/azalea species. Azalea’s foliage has exquisite Autumn colouring before it drops its leaves for Winter.  

Our collection of Azaleas are undemanding and so easy to grow, they will thrive at the hands of the least green fingered of gardeners, as long as they're grown in acidic soil or ericaceous compost. Their spectacular huge clusters of flowers are a great source of nectar for bees. Azalea’s lend themselves well to informal planting schemes and woodland gardens. They flower from March to May.  

Azalea look as spectacular as a single shrub or massed together, or mixed with other shrubs. They are also a great option for planting in garden pots and containers. 

 If you are unsure of your soil type, you can do one of two things; buy a soil kit to test the pH of your soil, a level below pH 7 is acid soil. Alternatively, you can check out your neighbours garden and see what’s growing there. If there are Rhododendrons and Azaleas in the area, the chances are your soil will be similarly suitable too! However, if you do have alkaline soil, you should add ericaceous compost to the soil which will alter the pH to acidic. 



  • Type: Deciduous shrub
  • Preferred location: Dappled sunlight, partial shade
  • Hardiness: Fully Hardy
  • Soil: Acid soil
  • Max Height & Spread:2.5m x 3m
  • Season of interest: March – May, evergreen year round
  • Garden Uses: Beds & borders, patio and containers, wall-side borders
  • Garden Style: City and courtyard, coastal garden, woodland garden, cottage and informal garden
  • Garden care: Prune away any unwanted growth in May and feed with ericaceous plant food after flowering period