Capi Clay Pot Bulb
Capi Clay Pot Bulb
Capi Clay Pot Bulb

Capi Clay Pot Bulb Medium (More Sizes/Colours)


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The Capi Nature Clay NL is a tough, natural look inspired by broken clay. The Clay shows the process of clay changing from liquid to hard matter and cracking. This year the Capi Nature Clay is available in new colors: ivory & anthracite.

This product has the following product properties:

  • Indoor & outdoor
  • Insulation layer
  • Frost resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Break resistant
  • Lightweight
  • 100% recyclable

The flower pots have a unique double-walled insulation layer that protects the plant against the heat in the summer and against frost in the winter. If you use the flower pot outside, make sure you drill a drainage hole of at least 25 mm in the bottom.