Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid 6/7 - The Pavilion

Anemone Coronaria St.Brigid 6/7


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'St Brigid' Anemone Mix delivers double-flowering, slighty-ruffled blooms in a rainbow of colors. Floating 10-12" above the ground on fern-like foliage, anemones are deer-resistant and make their homes in shade and part shade areas. Hardy in zones 7-10, these are considered an annual in all other zones.

Planting Period: September - April
Flowering: May - July
Color: Purple / Mauve
Light: Sunny
Height: 25cm
Plant Depth: 5cm
Plant Distance: 10 - 10 Cm
Plant Temperature: 0 - 15 °c
Plant Group: Miscellaneous Bulbs