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Artichoke Italian Purple


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Artichokes are imposing plants, grown for their large edible flower buds.Hearts and leaf scales are delicious steamed and dipped in melted butter. We recommend removing any initial flower buds after planting to allow plants to fully establish, so as to provide a good crop every summer for up to 4 years. 'Italian Purple' is a more succulent variety than most of the green artichokes, they also have a more ornamental aspect in the garden too!

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Cover young globe artichoke plants with fleece when required to protect them from frosts. When growing globe artichokes, provide a thick mulch of organic matter around the base of the plants to help conserve moisture and reduce weed growth. Throughout summer, water globe artichokes regularly, particularly during dry periods. Harvest globe artichokes from July, before the scales open, while the buds are plump. Globe artichokes will produce good crops for several seasons but are best replaced after 3 years to maintain vigour and crop yields.