BBB3325 Blooms, Bees & Butterflies Garden Violet-Pink

BBB3325 Blooms, Bees & Butterflies Garden Violet-Pink

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Grow these flower bulbs in your garden and bees will visit the flowers to provide for their young. Butterflies are a real joy and some feed on the pollen whilst most sip the nectar. Both pollinate the garden, wild flowers as well as fruit. 

"Great combinations that will attract wildlife to your garden.
Both bees & butterflies are vital to plants as they are the
Pollinators which help plants reproduce. They pollinate all
Sorts of plants, flowers, fruit and vegetables, as well as being
Fascinating to watch in the garden."

These summer flowering bulbs can be planted when the last risk of frost is over. Plant in a sunny location in the garden, for the best flowering results. Store in a cool and dry place until planting. Further information: please look at schemes on the package. 

Flower Colour: Violet-Pink
Planting Months: October - April
Planting Temperature (Celsius): 8-20 C°
Planting Position: Plant in a sunny position
Plant Depth: 10cm (4")
Planting Distance: 20cm (8")
Flowering Month: June - August
Flower Height: 100cm (40")

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