Begonia Pendula Cascade Pink 5/6

Begonia Pendula Cascade Pink 5/6


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Pink candy-coloured flowers hanging from the eaves above your patio or the branches of a shady tree – a veritable sweetshop of colour dripping around you this summer.

That’s the treat for your sweet tooth that the trailing Begonia 'Pendula Pink' can give you from the middle of summer right through into autumn. You could also allow these delectable blooms to drape over the edges of pots or containers. It will give you the same sense of sweet abundance.

Planting Period: March - May
Flowering: July - October
Color: Pink
Light: Partial Shade
Height: 25 cm
Plant Depth: 3 cm
Plant Distance: 3 cm
Plant Temperature: 8 - 20 °c
Plant Group: Begonia