Broad Bean Witkiem - The Pavilion
Broad Bean Witkiem - The Pavilion

Broad Bean Witkiem


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This white seeded variety shows excellent tolerance to cold weather making it ideal for early February sowings, but can also be sown successionally through to May. Broad Bean 'Witkiem' produces a good crop of plump pods filled with big, tasty beans which can be harvested from June onwards. This excellent variety is delicious eaten fresh, although surplus crops can be successfully frozen. 


Direct sow broad bean seed under cloches in February, or without protection from March to April. For particularly early crops some varieties of broad beans may also be sown outdoors under cloches from early autumn to late winter.

Grow beans in full sun on rich fertile, well manured soil with protection from strong winds. Plant broad beans in double rows set 23cm (9") apart and allowing at least 60cm (24") between each double row. Sow broad beans at a depth of 5cm (2") deep and a distance of 23cm (9") apart within each row and water well. Germination usually takes around 10 days.
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When growing broad beans, support the plants by placing a cane or stout stick at each corner of a double row and tying in with string, especially in windy gardens. Keep well watered, particularly as flowers begin to set and hoe between rows regularly. Pinch out the growing tips after the first flowers have set pods to deter blackfly and encourage further pods to set. Harvest broad beans when the pods are well filled and the seed still soft.