Capi Plant Pot Ivory Stone S (27 x 26cm)

Capi Plant Pot Ivory Stone S (27 x 26cm)


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  • Dimension: 27 × 27 × 26 cm
  • Outdoor
  • Frost-resistant (including drainage hole)
  • UV-resistant
  • Lightweight

Our Nature Stone series is also available in a new outdoor collection since this season. This special texture is inspired by nature, which makes the plant and planter a perfect fit for each other. The slate Stone design is a composition of small elongated stones. The contrast of this texture gives the planters an extra dimension.

All planters in the Capi Nature outdoor collection are frost-resistant. There is a drainage hole in the bottom, allowing any excess water to run out. Please make sure, however, to keep the planter away from the ground by using planter feet, for example.