Enkianthus Campanulatus Deco 100 Art.47 Bonsai

Enkianthus Campanulatus Deco 100 Art.47 Bonsai


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Enkianthus is a deciduous shrub or small tree in the Ericaceae (blueberry) family with a narrowly upright habit of layered branches and tufted foliage.  The name enkyos is Greek for the word pregnant and anthos means flower.  This is in reference to the swollen urn shape of the flowers.  Campanulatus  is Latin for bell-shape also in reference to the flowers.

This shrub typically grows 6-8 feet tall but can reach heights of 16 feet.  Plant it in full sun to partial shade in acidic, moist, organically rich, well-drained soil.  It will suffer in dry weather and drought conditions but does well in clay soils.

The attractive late spring flowers appear on last year's growth so prune immediately after flowering to not remove next year's buds.  The seed capsules are unusual-looking and are prized for dried arrangements. Expect fantastic yellow, red or orange fall leaf color ad excellent, smooth, warm brown bark that gives winter interest in the landscape. Plants are often vegetatively propagated to maintain their brilliant fall colors.

Please note that image is just a visual representation of the type of plant and sizes/shapes vary depending on the specimen selected. To view the entire selection of specimen plants and architectural trees that we have in stock or to view the range available for special order, please arrange an appointment with our experts.