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Flopro Cube Reel & 30M Hose


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The 30m Cube is a stylish wall-mounted retractable hose reel, which automatically rewinds the hose without any kinks, tangles or effort. The hose reel easily and smoothly unwinds the 30 metre hose. The hose reel's mechanism automatically locks so that you don't have to hold the hose taut.

For more hose simply pull out, and the mechanism will unlock. To rewind it's a simple tug where the automatic rewind system takes over for minimum effort. The connectors allow a snap fit to outside taps and all watering equipment brands.

This hose set includes:
  • 30m Hose
  • Dual Fit Outside Tap Connector
  • Hose Connector
  • Water Stop Hose Connector
  • Watering Nozzle
  • 2m Hose pre-attached for reel to tap connection
  • 4 Ground Hooks
  • Wall brackets, screws and plugs
  • Ultra smooth glide retracting action
  • Stainless steel internal coil for strength and longevity
  • 2m hose pre-attached for fitting the reel to the tap
  • 4 Ground hooks included to enable multi-location of the cube. Sits flush against the wall when not in use for maximum convenience
  • Easy to remove from wall to store for winter
  • Pivots 180 degrees
  • Length: 30m
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