Flopro MultiFlo 360° Sprinkler
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Flopro MultiFlo 360° Sprinkler

Flopro MultiFlo 360° Sprinkler


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  • 4 spray patterns with variable water angles
  • Part of a modular system that can be extended with more sprinklers
  • Durable ground spike for use in lawns and borders
  • Made from premium grade plastic
  • Diameter: 20m
  • Water covers a maximum circular area surface of (17m) – 227m²
  • Coverage: 314m2
  • 100% compatible with all watering brands

With our Flopro Multiflo 360° Sprinkler you will not waste another drop of water. It’s unique 2 system combination makes precise watering simple.

The Multiflo sprinkler has various alterations to target different watering area and distance. Moving the head up for the furthest spray arch and down for a shorter spray arch. Additionally, it features setting rings which you can move to increase or decrease watering area.

Flopro Multiflo comes with 4 spray settings. From a gentle waterflow to a more powerful flow depending on what you require to water in your garden.

Furthermore, we guarantee the Flopro Multiflo Sprinkler will fit your current watering system.