Galanthus (Snowdrops) 5-6

Galanthus (Snowdrops) 5-6


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A beautiful, simple white flower that pops its head up in the depths of the dreary January and February months. Snowdrop Nivalis Simplex is one of the most common. They have green marking on the inside tepal and a honey scent is hard to resist. They naturalise easily in shady, wooded areas rewarding you year after year. Size 5/6 cm this size will flower first year of planting.

  • Planting period September - November
  • Flowering February - March
  • Color White / cream
  • Light Shade - Partial shade
  • Height 10 cm
  • Plant depth 5 cm
  • Plant distance 5 cm
  • Watering Moist - Dry
  • Plant temperature 0 - 15 °C
  • Plant group Miscellaneous Bulbs