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Garlic, Thermidrome 50-60 mm


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Thermidrome is a white variety producing large white bulbs with a hint of pink. It is very hardy so ideal even in harsh conditions. 10-15 beige cloves per bulb. Virus free. Soft neck variety.

Garlic is an allium, in the same family as onions, shallots, leeks and chives. Most varieties are Autumn sown although Printanor, which can be sown in the Autumn can also go in up until February. Garlic can be divided into soft neck and hard neck. Hard neck varieties put up a tall, rigid flower stalk or scape, hence the term hard neck, soft neck varieties do not and are better for plaiting. You might also hear the terms wet and dry garlic. Wet garlic is just very freshly harvested while dry garlic has been stored.