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Hydrangea Arbor. 'Incrediball' 10lt


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To plant this Hydrangea follow these instructions:  

 Choose free draining soil. If your soil is poor quality, you can improve it by adding ericaceous compost and fish, blood & bone fertiliser 

 Hydrangeas will grow in alkaline or acidic soils unless they are extreme  

 The ideal position is one which gets sun in the morning and/or late afternoon

 Dig a hole double the width of the rootball. Sprinkle in a handful of blood, fish and bone fertiliser and blend into the ground. 

 Stand the plant into the hole.  

 Fill around the roots and firm the soil down gently but firmly. Water well to settle the surrounding ground around the root ball. 

 Plant to the same depth as your hydrangea Annabelle was in the pot. 


•Type: Deciduous shrub 

 Preferred location: Full sun, semi-shade, dappled shade 

 Hardiness: Fully Hardy 

 Soil: Moist, well drained, humus rich soil 

 Max Height & Spread: 1.5m x 1.5m with annual pruning 

 Season of interest: June – September 

 Garden Uses: Beds and borders, patio and containers, wall-side borders 

 Garden Style: City and courtyard, woodland garden, cottage and informal garden 

 Garden care: Remove flower heads in Spring after Winter frost has passed as the flower heads protect the developing buds. Mulch younger plants with manure or compost in Spring.