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Jasminum (Hang Pot)


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  • Light: Whether grown outside or indoors all Jasmine require bright light with some direct sun if possible, therefore a South facing window will be the perfect spot to grow your plant in.
  • Watering: While it's in flower and is in active growth a Jasmine will need plenty of water. The soil needs to be moist almost all the time, and this is imperative whilst in flower. If the soil dries up then so will the flowers and pending buds. With that said do be careful with the interpretation of the word "moist", soggy conditions or sitting in a tray of water is classed as "wet" not "moist"
  • Humidity: Misting the leaves (not the flowers) occasionally is beneficial, but no real harm will come if you don't unless the room you have chosen for it is very dry.
  • Feeding: A moderate fertilizing routine is all that's required as it's not overly demanding when it comes to feeding. For good all round health try providing a standard house plant liquid feed every couple of weeks from late Spring until late Autumn / Fall.
  • Temperature: Temperature is important for Jasmine plants. During the growing seasons (the naturally warmer months of the year) what nature provides will be fine. So if it's a hot day and temperatures rise, it will accommodate this without issue.

If winter blooms and sweet, nighttime fragrance appeal to your senses, consider growing jasmine indoors. Not all jasmine flowers are fragrant, but Jasminum polyanthum, the variety commonly used when growing jasmine indoors, has a sweet aroma that is particularly fragrant at night. Let’s learn more about the care of indoor jasmine.