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KS Geared Hedge Shears


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Kent & Stowe Geared Hedge Shears are perfect for cutting and shaping hedges and shrubs. Their geared mechanism has been designed to give you up to 40% extra strength, therefore making lighter work of those tougher tasks. They are also comfortable, lightweight as well as rust resistant. Built to last with a 5 year guarantee.

  • Premium ground carbon steel blades with non-stick PTFE coating for rust resistance and a smoother cut
  • Geared mechanism designed to give you up to 40% added strength, making light work of tougher cutting tasks
  • 8″ wavy blades to stop branches slipping down the blade while cutting
  • Aluminium lightweight handles with non-slip comfort grip
  • For cutting and shaping of soft, non-woody stems and leaves of hedges and shrubs
  • Cutting diameter: 6mm

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