Nerine Bowdenii Albivetta 12/+

Nerine Bowdenii Albivetta 12/+


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A finely colored and formed selection of Nerine bowdenii, Albivetta excels in sunny, dry sites and lean soil where many other plants struggle. Albivetta is a fall bloomer with fragrant clusters of 6 to 12 recurved, trumpet shaped, white flowers and carried atop 18" flower scapes. Bloom stems appear sans foliage (like the much loved Naked Ladies) so there's no visual interference created by the strappy leaves. A hard to find selection, but robust and not difficult to grow, Albivetta will into develop large bulb clumps over time. 

Planting Period: March - May
Flowering: September - October
Light: Sunny
Height: 50 cm
Plant Depth: 2cm
Plant Distance: 2cm
Plant Temperature: 8 - 20 °c
Plant Group: Miscellaneous Bulbs