Parsley Hamburg arat - The Pavilion
Parsley Hamburg arat - The Pavilion

Parsley Hamburg arat


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An unusual ‘eat-all’ vegetable, closely related to traditional parsley. Parsley ‘Hamburg Arat’ is best grown for its delicious ‘parsnip-like’ roots which make a superb winter vegetable. The large, tapered, white roots have a strong, nutty, celery flavour when roasted. The leaves can be harvested as and when required and added to soups, stews and salads as a zesty seasoning, or simply as an attractive garnish. The roots can be lifted from October onwards, but have good winter hardiness and keep well in the ground throughout winter.


Direct sow Hamburg parsley seed outdoors from March to April. Grow parsley in a well prepared seedbed in full sun or partial shade. Sow seeds thinly at a depth of 1cm (½in) in drills 30cm apart. Parsley seeds are very slow to germinate taking up to 28 days, especially in wet, cold soils.

When large enough to handle, thin out seedlings to 23cm (9") apart.
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Feed and water Hamburg parsley plants regularly. Harvest leaves regularly to encourage fresh new growth. Roots can be lifted from October onwards but keep well in the ground over winter, often lasting through to February.