Pot Globe Smooth NL 43x41 Black - The Pavilion

Urban Smooth Smooth Egg Planter (Black) - 43cm Dia


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  • Height: 41cm - Diameter: 43cm
  • Frost, UV & Break Resistant
  • Insulated to protect plant roots
  • Drill a drainage hole when used outdoors
  • 10-year Warranty against production errors

Made in Holland from 100% recycled plastic, the body has a texture reminiscent of rough, natural stone. It has a double walled design which insulates the roots of any plant in it and this together with its UV, frost and break resistance makes it ideal for use outdoors as well as in. When using outdoors however a hole the size of a 2 euro or 20p piece should be drilled in the base to allow drainage. For the best results it is recommended the bottom 1/3 of the planter is filled with hydro granules as these make for better water management.