Acer Palmatum

Acer Palmatum, also known as Japanese Maple trees are delicate trees with intricate leaves that change with the seasons, adding a touch of grace to any garden.

Acer Palmatum is a deciduous tree that originally comes from Japan. What makes it special are its hand-shaped leaves, from which the word "Palmatum" derives. The tree comes in various colors and textures that change throughout the year, ranging from vibrant reds and oranges in autumn to soft greens and purples in spring and summer.

Cultivation Tips:

Choosing the Right Spot: Acer Palmatum will thrive in well-draining soil in both sun or shade, as long as it's protected from wind and salt air.

Watering: Water the tree well after planting and during drought periods. Applying mulch around the base can help retain moisture.

Feeding: During spring, provide your Acer Palmatum with a slow-release fertilizer, such as chicken pellet manure.

Pruning: If space is not an issue, pruning is generally avoided. In spring, some light pruning may be necessary to remove any deadwood along the tips and stems.

Protection: These trees can be sensitive to strong winds. Choose sheltered planting spots and avoid coastal conditions.

Year-round Care:

Spring: Enjoy the fresh growth and its new colors. Light pruning, if needed, can be done at this time.

Summer: Keep a close eye on watering, especially during dry periods. Appreciate the colorful foliage that is on show.

Autumn: Observe as the leaves begin to change colour to more autumnal tones. Continue watering and shield your tree from strong winds.

Winter: During the dormant season, take a moment to admire the intricate branches. Maintain moisture and protect the tree against frost to ensure a healthy return in spring.

There are various types of Acer Palmatum to explore. Notable options include 'Bloodgood' with its deep red leaves, 'Sango Kaku' famous for its coral-colored bark, and 'Dissectum' with finely cut leaves.

Acer Palmatum is a wonderful choice for enhancing the charm of your outdoor space. For more information on our range of Acer trees, please call us at 021 4888134 or email us at