Specimen Plants & Architectural Trees

What is a Specimen Plant or Tree?

It is an unusual & impressive plant grown as a focus of interest.

 Specimen trees are living art, they are unique, sculptural pieces that add interest and grace to your living space. They will be enjoyed long beyond a single generation!

As well as providing shelter & a beautiful perch for wildlife, a specimen tree can provide seasonal drama as it visually documents the passing of time; often kindling hope as the seasons change from winter to spring and so forth.

As a specialist supplier of mature specimen plants and architectural trees, we can assist you in choosing the optimal location for planting, ensuring your selected  plant will be perfect for your desired location. In addition, we can advise how it will affect your property over time; ensuring that the root system will not affect the foundations of your home or the footpaths outside your premises.

We have an extensive collection to view here in Ballygarvan, Cork. To learn more or to arrange a viewing & consultation with our expert arborists who can advise on the perfect Specimen Plants & Trees for your space, simply arrange a free consultation here.

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