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      Weber Gas BBQ's at The Pavilion in Cork, delivered in Ireland

      The Pavilion is one of the largest Weber World stores in Ireland, with the largest showroom in Munster and Cork. Our showroom here in Cork and online, offer a selection of Weber bbq’s and a full range of complimenting Weber accessories. We have everything you need to help you immediately get off to the best start with your Weber BBQ’ing experience!

      If you can’t find what you are looking for or if you don’t feel confident about which Weber BBQ suits your needs best, don’t worry, we are just a phone call away. Our in-store Weber specialists are available 7 days each week from 9am to 5.30pm to answer any of your questions. Our specialists have all received in-depth Weber training, so they will fully understand the benefits of each Weber BBQ and help you make an informed decision for the best BBQ to suit your needs. So if you’re unsure between gas-charcoal-electric, which size to buy etc, we can help you to make a decision tailored to your needs and budget. We also run regular in-store Weber certified cooking demonstrations here in Cork with our Weber certified Chef, David Rice. You also have access to a library of David Rice tutorials which will inspire you to move out of your comfort zone, to cook amazing dishes that you may never have dreamed of on a BBQ. Most Weber BBQs come with 10 years guarantee on the lid, bowl and handles, there is also a 3 year guarantee on the charcoal and cooking grates and other parts. 

      Weber BBQ Range delivered nationwide in Ireland

      Whether its a portable Weber bbq you're looking for to stick in the boot for trips to the beach, a medium-sized gas grill or a large expert grill, we have the full range of Weber BBQ’s here at The Pavilion in Cork, you can order online for delivery, click and collect, or if you’re nearby, just pop in, we would love to help you begin your best BBQ journey!

      Weber Gas Barbecues

      Weber have 5 main categories of gas BBQ’s.

      The Weber Spirit range is an excellent choice for a beginner and for families up to 6 people. It has great functionality, GBS compliant, open cart system and is super stylish. You will have the option of a 2 burner or 3 burner with or without side burner. This model can cater for any family occasion. You can leave your Weber Spirit on your patio year round (ideally with a BBQ cover especially in Winter) and it offers a 10 year guarantee. Its an amazing BBQ at a really great price point and has a great reputation amongst Weber enthusiasts.

      Weber’s Genesis range is considered an intermediate to an expert range. It is a state of the art BBQ and a step up from the Spirit range.

      The Genesis has a double insulated hood so it retains heat so well. The insulated hood will help prevent fluctuations in cooking temperature over long cooking periods needed when slow roasting & cooking casseroles. The Weber Genesis models have a drop down resting rack which has the benefit of extra grilling space if required. Genesis offers an open cart system or closed door cart, whichever you prefer. Weber Genesis come as 3 burner or 4 burner, both with choice of side burner or sear station, depending on your preference. They come in an attractive range of colours such as black, grey, stainless steel and limited edition ocean blue. The Weber Genesis will take pride of place on your patio. You will just need to organise an occasion to have your friends over to showcase it! Genesis will feed up to 12 people comfortably on the 4 burner Genesis 435.

      Weber’s Summit BBQ range is the flagship of Weber BBQ’s in Ireland. Weber Summit has stainless steel finish cooking grates, built in rotisserie, heat lamp to keep your food warm for serving, built in smoker box and even lighting system to allow for night time cooking. It has an enclosed cart compartment for storage

      Weber’s Q range of BBQ’s are a patio BBQ, however, due to to their neat design they can be easily detached from the cart and placed in the boot of your car for family staycations and day trips. So, it has great versatility. It’s suitable for a family of 2 and up to 8 depending on model. Weber’s Q BBQ’s will do an amazing camping breakfast, a patio lunch and an evening feast. The unique shape of its burners guarantees a unique even distribution of heat on the grill.  

      Weber's Go Anywhere range of BBQ’s are a great gas option of portable BBQ. They are however available in both gas and charcoal. Ideal for mobile homes, day trips and camping trips. The BBQ uses a small gas cylinder with up to a 9 hour burn time. The Go Anywhere will easily cook food for up to 4 people. It has a wide cooking grill that will leave nobody hungry on the trip! So easy to pack away into a corner between meals.