Agapanthus Top Tips

Agapanthus Top Tips

The Agapanthus is an elegant flower which never fails to make a statement in the garden. Blooming from May through October, this perennial flower provides a lengthy season full of colour while requiring very little maintenance.Their blooms form round clusters with delicately coloured petals.

Where is the best place to plant an Agapanthus?

The Agapanthus is tolerant of most soil conditions. When first planting your Agapanthus, we recommend using some rich compost to give the plant a boost in root development. Suitable for borders and containers, an Agapanthus only asks for a sunny location. Ensure the soil is well-draining, and space out the plants roughly 30cm apart.

The Agapanthus will come back year after year with a little care. Flower heads can be cut back after blooming to support further growth. The Agapanthus will also tolerate salty sea winds and is therefore a great idea for a coastal garden. When planted in containers especially, a bit of fertilizer every two weeks such as a seaweed enriched feed or tomato feed will provide the plant with essential nutrients.  

If the Winter weather is harsh, an Agapanthus will require some protection. Shield the plant from frost or if possible, move inside for the coldest months. With it’s tall blue, lilac, or white flower heads an Agapanthus won’t be missed in any sunny garden.

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