Azalea Top Tips

Azaleas; Spring's Favourite Flower

Today marks the very first day of Spring! With this, the gentle aroma of freshly cut grass and the coconut breeze from wild gorse swirl through our neighbourhoods. As we dig into our gardens for what may be the first time since last Autumn, new gardening aspirations for the Summer ahead begin to spark.

What better way to start building a lush garden landscape than with an Azalea? Being part of the Rhododendron family, Azaleas provide clusters of red, white, or pink flowers which typically flower from April through May. While most Azaleas show off their blooms during the Spring season, there are both deciduous and evergreen varieties to suit your garden preferences.

Azaleas are a low maintenance and hardy plant variety, which grow in almost all garden conditions. They have a slow growth rate, making them easy to care for and suitable for any level of gardening experience. Ericaceous compost acts as the perfect foundation for these flowers, and will ensure beautiful bright blooms. With lots of sun and acidic well-draining soil, Azaleas are sure to be an instant success for your Springtime garden!

Discover more about how to care for Azaleas in our video below. 

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