Can you leave an Ooni Pizza Oven outside

Ooni oven in outdoor winter setting

Pizza is great all year round and pizzas from your favourite Ooni oven is no exception to this rule. Whether relaxing in the garden in summer or warming your family and friends with fresh homemade pizza in winter, Ooni Pizza Ovens deliver fresh tasty pizzas all year round.

Ooni Pizza Ovens are designed to be used outdoors which is a breeze during summer. What about the rest of the year? Here at the Pavilion, we are one of the leading stockists of Ooni Pizza Ovens in Ireland so we know all about cooking with Ooni Pizza Ovens at any time of year.

Can Ooni Pizza ovens be stored outside? 

The simple answer is yes! The more detailed answer is to use your best judgement and of course an Ooni pizza Oven Cover. Each oven has a specially designed waterproof cover to protect it from the elements. During particularly harsh weather conditions or long periods between use however we would recommend relocating the Ooni oven to a safe storage area. Ooni ovens are made from high quality stainless steel but long periods in the rain are not a good idea. Using your best judgement and watching the weather forecast will make sure you get the best experience from your Ooni Pizza Oven.

Can you use your Ooni pizza oven in winter? 

Ooni Pizza Ovens are designed to deliver you delicious fresh pizza all year round. When cooking in winter though there are some factors to take into consideration.

Colder temperatures mean a longer preheating time for your oven to get to the ideal temperature. This should be factored into your cooking time so you don't keep your dinner guests waiting.

Preparation is key in winter for Ooni pizza ovens. Preparing your pizza indoors on the Ooni Pizza Peel means you can transfer it quickly and easily to the oven in those cold temperatures. Fortunately, Ooni pizza ovens will have your pizza cooked in two minutes or so so you do not have to spend too much time out in the elements.

Can Ooni pizza ovens be used indoors? 

Unfortunately no, all Ooni pizza ovens have been designed to be used outdoors. We understand the desire to cook your pizza indoors, particularly in the winter months but don't do it. And we promise it's actually fun to cook outside on a cold winter's day and bring a pizza back to the dinner table!

Ooni Pizza Ovens are high-quality durable products designed to deliver unrivalled results all year round. With a little bit of care, you will be making delicious homemade pizza and wowing friends and family for years to come!