Carpet Rose Top Tips

Carpet Rose Top Tips

What is a Carpet Rose?

A timeless classic, the Carpet Rose is a fabulous and abundantly blooming ground cover plant. With up to 60 flowers and buds on a single stem, it’s old-fashioned petals simply can’t be missed. The glossy, dark green leaves make a beautiful backdrop for the multitude of pink, red, white, or amber blooms.

Do Carpet Roses Spread?

Yes! Their natural resistance to disease makes the Carpet Rose an easy plant to grow. Although they do not require pruning, they can be trimmed to shape and cut back in late Winter/early Spring. With or without pruning, the plant typically returns annually. Sun or partial shade and moist, well-draining soil is all this plant needs to develop fabulous ground cover. A bit of rose feed during the Spring season will give the Carpet Rose a helpful boost and kickstart their flowering period. If planting into a border, space the plants out with approximately 30 inches (76cm) between each root. The Carpet Rose’s low, dense shape will develop from a compact bush into a sprawling scene of colour in a matter of months.

Due to the Carpet Rose’s tolerance of so many different soil and weather conditions, they are resistant to the majority of common rose diseases. The Carpet Roses’ dominant personality will also discourage annual weeds from appearing in the garden. For the little maintenance they require, the impressive and immense display of colourful blooms from a blanket of Carpet Roses will certainly make a splash in any garden.

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