Does Lawn Sand help kill moss on a lawn?

Lawn Sand is still a tried and tested tradition for many gardeners when it comes to ensuring good lawn healthy

Although considered old-fashioned, lawn sand is an effective tool to control moss on your lawn. It can also be used as a way to toughen your lawn against diseases and provide food to the grass to increase its immunity power. Lawn sand is a good remedy to apply on your grass from April to September.

There are 3 ingredients in Lawn sand;

  • Iron sulphate
  • Ammonium Sulphate
  • Sand 

The benefits of lawn sand are as follows;

1. Helps Control Existing Moss

Lawn imperfections, which are most common are moss and weeds, these issues can be kept at bay by applying Lawn Sand to your lawn. The iron sulphate component in the lawn sand will discourage existing moss that you can see on your lawn, and help burn off any unwanted weeds. Although it is effective for killing off existing moss, it won’t resolve a persistent moss problem if this is your issue. If your lawn is prone to persistent moss, it’s probably best to try applying a lawn feed, weed & moss killer

2. Creates a Greener Lawn

The ammonium sulphate mix in lawn sand will release a high level of nitrogen which will help make your grass more fertile and greener. The combination of iron sulphate, will also help kill off surface moss and weeds. Lawn sand is fairly easy to distribute evenly, the fine sand helping the mix disperse evenly. Another benefit of lawn sand is that it can help your lawn appear more uniform and less patchy with much more even grass coverage 

3. Can be Used Regularly  

You will need to apply lawn sand to your lawn only while the moss is growing, between April and September. Re-treatment may be necessary if you have a heavy moss infestation. After 7-10 days you will see the moss turning black and this is a good time to rake away the dead moss. Do be careful not to go overboard and overuse the lawn sand, as with every product its always best to follow recommended product instruction.  

When applying lawn sand, it’s recommended to spread on your lawn during a dry spell of weather. You will need to give the grass a generous watering if you find that within a few days of applying the sand, it still hasn’t rained. This will help the nutrients from the lawn sand work their way into the turf allowing them to be absorbed so they can start working. 

Your lawn health will soon begin to improve, turning a lush and fertile green. The moss will go black as it dies within a few days after rainfall. If you have blackening of grass, don’t be concerned, this will only be short term, and will grow out as you continue mowing the grass in the following couple of weeks.

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