Energy Saving Christmas Tree Lights

With energy prices remaining high, a question we are often asked is, "How can I ensure my Christmas lights are not using excess amounts of energy"?

The good news is, thanks to LED lighting, you have no reason to switch off your Christmas tree lights early this year. All of the 'plug in' Christmas lighting we sell at The Pavilion, use LED bulbs, making them efficient on energy, durable and safer. The most trusted brand in lighting is Lumineo LED Christmas lighting, a brand that has established itself as the world leader in LED lighting, design and innovation for over 10 years.

Facts about Christmas lighting:

LED Christmas lighting is economical. Up to 10 times more economical than traditional Christmas light bulbs as LED lights use less power. Furthermore, LED lights are durable and the bulbs are unbreakable, ensuring a much longer lifespan to each set of lights. 

LED lights come with a timer. This allows you to control when the lights switch on and off automatically, so they are not lighting for longer than you had wished for. This will prevent unintended energy consumption.

The cost of lighting a Christmas Tree. On average, the cost of lighting your Christmas tree for 8 hours per day over a period of one month is comparable to the cost of running your washing machine for one cycle, in other words, it's less expensive than buying a coffee. Another consideration we often don’t think of; when the Christmas Tree is lighting, we are likely to turn off additional lighting in the room to make the most of the Christmas atmosphere. 🎄

*Based on average electricity price of September 2022, KWh €0.30

A rough guide to help you calculate how many bulbs you need to light up your tree 

6ft tree: 500 LED's

7ft tree: 1000 LED's

8ft tree: 1500 LED's

10ft tree: 2000 LED's


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