How to create an edible garden

How to create an edible garden

Imagine picking fruit and vegetables fresh from your own terrace, balcony or garden each day. Despite urban challenges like limited space and unpredictable weather, growing your own edibles is achievable and a great way to cultivate a lifestyle that values sustainability and health, whilst connecting with nature.

Creating your edible garden

Step 1: Consider the amount of space you have available. Even small spaces like balconies or window sills can accommodate pots, containers or vertical gardens.

Step 2: Choose the right plants. Select plants that grow in the Irish climate. Hardy vegetables like carrots, kale and potatoes thrive in cooler conditions, and herbs like chives, parsley and mint are easy to grow and maintain.

Step 3: Consider the location.  Most edibles require up to 6 hours of direct sunlight each day and the soil should always be well draining and rich in organic matter. Watering is also key to the continued health of your plants, so it’s worth considering an automatic irrigation system or rainwater harvesting system to ensure the perfect conditions are maintained for successful growth. 

Step 4: Design your garden layout for both beauty and function. Companion planting can enhance growth, provide shade regulation and deter pests naturally. Some great companions include peppers and onions or tomatoes and basil.


Design ideas for your edible garden

Vertical hanging gardens & living walls are the ideal way to maximise small spaces, and many plants can be added, including strawberries, salad crops and even vegetables. Install trellises or shelves for climbing plants and hanging pots.


Containers, pots and large planters are perfect for terraces, balconies or gardens. They allow you to grow a great variety of herbs, vegetables, berries, nuts and even small fruit trees like apple and pear, or more exotic varieties like fig and lemon trees.

Corten steel planters are particularly useful in our Irish climate as they warm up faster than other planters, providing natural insulation and stabilising the soil temperatures during cold snaps.

Raised beds can assist drainage and improve soil quality which makes them ideal for growing a wide range of herbs and vegetables.

Integrated landscapes blend form and function by incorporating edible plants into your existing garden. Fruit bushes are a great example as they can serve as attractive hedge plants also.

Top benefits for growing your own edibles

Sustainability - Growing your own food reduces the need for long distance transportation and plastic packaging.

Better nutrition - Freshly harvested food retains more nutrients compared to shop bought products.

Well-being - Growing your own food can be very rewarding and gardening is known to improve physical health and reduce stress.

To get started with creating your own edible garden, why not visit us here in Ballygarvan to choose your selection of plants and containers or browse our website now.