How to decorate your Christmas Tree

How to decorate your Christmas Tree

We all long for the perfectly decorated Christmas tree, beautifully coordinated in a festive and stylish theme.

Before you begin, you might need to check that you have some useful decorating tools such as a step ladder and decorating wire hooks. Ideally a second pair of hands are helpful too if you have a very tall tree.

How to decorate your Christmas Tree

1. Buy a premium quality artificial tree if you are not buying a fresh tree

Christmas trees of high quality are going to last for years. Each year you unbox it, you will love it as much as you did the year you purchased it. A premium tree will always look beautiful and alike to a real living Christmas tree, it will also be sturdy and reliable to support to decorations.  We would recommend opting for a traditional tree rather than a tree that is the trend of a particular season. A traditional Christmas tree will never go out of fashion and provides a perfect base layer to decorate as you wish.

When it comes to size, buy a tree that fits your size of room. If your room is small with little space and low ceilings, a 7ft Christmas trees may be a perfect option, or if you have more space and would like more of a statement, an 8ft or 10ft tree will make a big impact.

If you have a narrow area, there are some pencil designs that would work well, you could even group a few slim pencil trees together of alternating heights to make more of a statement.

When assembling your tree, shape and fluff out the branches to make the tree look fuller and more natural.

2. Choose a colour theme.

You will need to decide on a colour theme that ties the decorations together. It will make it much easier when shopping for decorations when you know the colour theme you are going for. See our decorating themes below for inspiration

3. Lights

Consider the size of your Christmas tree when figuring out how many bulbs you will need. We recommend that for every 2ft of Christmas tree, you will need 100 bulbs or 5 metres of lights. Also, there are a number of bulb shades to choose from, for example, warm white, white etc. If you need to use 2 sets of lights on your tree, try not to ensure you buy identical shade of lights.

Before you begin adding lights, plug them in to ensure they are working. Christmas lights are the first thing you will add to your tree, always add lights to the tree before decorating. Once you get started adding the lights to the tree, use your plug as the starting point, winding the lighting around the branches so they sit securely on the tree. Always start winding the lights from the trunk outwards and keep weaving until you reach the tips of the branches. When weaving, try to position one bulb over a branch and the next under a branch and so on.

4. Add decorative branches, picks & stems

Choose decorative branches that compliment your overall decorating theme and arrange them to various branches of the tree. These branches will make the tree look fuller and add colour and sparkle.




5. Choosing your Christmas baubles:

In line with the theme you have chosen, you will choose baubles that complement this theme. It is recommended to choose baubles of different shapes, designs, finishes and texture. Attach the babules with twine or wire so they are firmly in place. Arrange baubles so they create an interesting mixture; 70% shiny baubles, 30% matt baubles. Create depth by hanging baubles close to the trunk of the tree. Hang heavy ornamental baubles tightly to the branches so they are secure. Larger baubles should hang closer to the trunk of the tree. Alternate shapes and materials throughout the tree. It is recommended using around 80 baubles for a 7ft tree.


6. Decorative items

Group smaller items together and arrange repetition around the tree as it is calming for the eye, we recommend using a Z shape for repetition. You might choose decorative items in a variety of colours and textures, for example, pine cones, berries, bows etc. Tie to the tree using floral wire, they should make the tree look more appealing without overpowering the other decorations.

7. Tree topper

Make sure when choosing your tree topper it compliments the theme of the tree and that it will fit your tree. You can use traditional tree toppers such as a star or angel, or you might opt for a giant bow instead.

8. Finish with a tree skirt

A tree skirt will add a finishing touch. It will also cover unsightly power wires and tree stand. It completes the look of the tree and creates a perfect backdrop for Christmas gifts under the tree!

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