lawn moss killer

How to get rid of moss on your lawn?

While there are lots of products on the market which are indicated to kill moss, there is one product that stands out to us, not just because it's effective but also because its Organic

MO bacter is an organic moss killer and fertiliser all in one. The fertilizer contains beneficial decomposing bacteria which consume the organic waste and convert it into useful lawn feed.

MO bacter applies essential nutrients to the lawn with an additional dose of potassium which moss can't tolerate. The moss dies off as a result of this overdose and all the while the health of grass is improves. 

lawn moss killer

Benefits of MO Bacter

MO Bacter is an Organic slow-release granular fertiliser which will feed your lawn for up to 100 days, it will destroy moss without turning it black and thereby removing the need to rake out the dead moss.

MO Bacter is not a traditional moss killer as it does not contain any chemicals. It destroys moss by secondary action whereby the moss over feeds on the potash in the fertiliser and as it has a low tolerance to salts it dies. When the moss dies, it does not go black, it turns a gentle brown which will quickly disappear.

MO Bacter contains a very safe, natural bacteria called Bacillus sp. which is found normally in the soil. This Bacillus consumes organic matter that has died and converts it into plant food. While some of the dead moss will be removed during normal mowing, the remainder will absorb back into the thatch layer where it is consumed by the Bacillus. This completely removes the need for rake it out.

MO Bacter stimulates fresh healthy lawn growth which will aid in filling patchy areas where moss has been removed.

MO Bacter is organic, containing no harmful chemicals, so you can over seed about 4 weeks after applying it to fill in any bare patchy areas.

MO Bacter does require wetting before becoming active. If you have applied it correctly according to instructions, it will not scorch the lawn even if it doesn’t rain after applying it.

MO Bacter is best used on your lawn after you have mown it short, this ensures that the fertiliser gets into the bottom of the grass. You should wait for 7 to 10 days before mowing the lawn again. This gives the fertiliser a chance to dissolve into the soil and work its way into the bottom of the turf where it cannot be picked up by your mower .

Because MO Bacter is Organic it is entirely safe to place the grass into your compost bin after mowing.

As there is no sulphate of iron in Mo Bacter, there is zero risk that it will cause any staining to your paths or patio area surrounding your lawn.

MO Bacter is an excellent feed for plants, it does not contain any pesticides, so any treatment which spreads onto flowerbeds will not harm the plants but fertilise them instead.

An application rate of 100 grams per sq.m. or a little more should be used.

MO Bacter is in harmony with nature, organic and safe to use in areas where there may be children playing or family pets roaming about.

Can be applied between March and October.

Apply MO Bacter at the rate of one handful (about 200 grams) per 2 sqm. It can be applied straight after cutting.  A 20 Kg bag will cover approximately 200 sqm.

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