How to improve your soil quality

It makes an enormous difference to your plants when you improve your soil quality, they will thank you with a seasons flourish!

As an artist works with oils and canvas, a horticulturists most valuable materials are the soil and plants we work with. The soil is the beginning of the process - great quality plants need great quality soil, therefore the first building block to get right in your garden is the soil quality.

At The Pavilion, we work closely with an Irish company called ‘Enrich Environmental’. Enrich removes 70% of our clean green waste here in Cork, generated each week mainly through our work in commercial landscaping activities. Enrich Environmental recycles this organic material by shredding the material to a consistent particle size. Following shredding, the material is then pushed into long open windrows to begin the process of aerobiotic composting. This stage provides the ideal conditions for the controlled decomposition of organic material. In this process of composing, micro organisms break down organic matter and produce CO2, water, heat and humus. The heat is produced by microorganisms as they metabolise and decompose the organic matter. Composting is largely about maintaining a suitable environment in which naturally occurring organisms can multiply and decompose organic matter. 

At The Pavilion we buy back this nutritious organic soil compost from Enrich Environmental, providing us with the best quality organic compost available on the market. 

The benefits of using Enrich organic compost;

  • Provides a supply of slow and sustainable nutrients for your plants and improves cation exchange capacity, resulting in greater uptake of nutrients
  • Increases the ability of the soil to hold water
  • Increases biological activity in the soil
  • Encourages better root development in the plants
  • Reduces or eliminates the need to use chemical fertilisers in plants
  • Helps to increase the flowering period of shrubs and perennials

If you are keen to improve the soil quality in your garden, we would highly recommend using Enrich Organic Compost. You can mix this organic compost through your soil or use it as a top dressing over the soil. Improved soil conditions will help shrubs and perennials produce the best yield possible throughout the seasons, helping them stay healthier and far more resistant to disease. 

If you need any advice on how you can improve the quality of your soil, you can call into our garden centre here in Cork or call us on 021 4888134. We deliver Enrich Organic Compost nationwide in Ireland.