Lavender Top Tips

How to Grow Lavender

Perhaps one of the most beloved and recognisable garden scents around is the soft breeze of herbaceous Lavender. With it’s floral yet rosemary-like aroma, this plant is a favourite for keeping a garden feeling fresh all year round.

Lavender always does well when planted in a sunny location. Approximately 6-8 hours of sunshine per day will help a newly planted Lavender bloom to it’s fullest. Typically growing up to 45cm in height, this long flowering shrub will hold onto its blooms throughout the year. With green/grey foliage in the off season, and bright blue/purple plumes through late Spring and the Summer season, the evergreen Lavender will provide a garden with visual interest and its distinct scent throughout the year.

While Lavender is typically drought-resistant, regular watering during the first 2-3 weeks after planting will give this plant a helpful boost. Additionally, planting each Lavender plant with sufficient space between them ensures their roots will have room to grow and develop fully. Like many plants, proper drainage is key to establishing a Lavender’s growth.

The most prominent differences between English Lavender and French Lavender involves their colour, hardiness, and size. English Lavender is the hardiest variety — bred to tolerate colder Winters. They are often slightly smaller than other Lavender varieties, growing to be around a metre in compact fashion. English Lavender is also edible, and is frequently used in baking for it’s delicate floral flavour. In comparison, French Lavender is slightly more delicate, with longer and softer leaves. Given enough sunlight, French Lavender will bloom longer than it’s English cousin as well. While there are these detailed differences in appearance and gardening characteristics between the two varieties, both French and English Lavender make an unmistakable statement in any garden landscape.

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