Lawn Care

Spring is the best time of year to give your lawn the TLC it desires. Our expert gardener Malcolm fills us in on the essentials of lawn care, and the best products on the market for your lawn. Since the lawn is the first impression of a home, it makes an impact when that green carpet is presented well. A healthy lawn is an easy way to add great value to a home. Taking care of your lawn is also a simple outdoor activity for all family member to get involved in.

Malcolm reminds us that all lawns need four things: sunlight, water, feed, and air. The sun will do its job in refreshing the lawn after a wet and cold Winter. As the Spring rolls around and the temperature rises, a little watering will provide instant improvement. Malcolm recommends watering in the morning to avoid dehydration throughout the day. This will invigorate the grass for a shiny, green, coat which will perfectly set the stage for the rest of the garden.

When to use weedkiller on your lawn...

Spring is an ideal time to be proactive about your lawn care. To prevent weeds and moss from taking over, weed killer and moss killer, when used appropriately can transform a lawn into a magazine worthy picture. Furthermore, a lawn will require nutrients and aeration to awaken the ground below. Grass feed and weedkiller, Sportsmaster Renovator Pro is a beloved tool used by novice gardeners and professionals alike for its high quality performance. Having been used on sports fields for years, this fertiliser is a reliable means of controlling weeds and moss upon first application. When asked “What is the best lawn weedkiller?” Malcolm recommends both registered lawn weed killers Resolva and Dicophar for more concentrated application.

When to use grass seed on your lawn...

To ensure your lawn will grow to it’s full potential, Malcolm recommends using a lawn seed for that boost of essential nutrients. The Gro-Sure Smart lawn seed collection is sure to deliver great results this Spring. With it’s Aqua Gel coating, Smart Lawn Seed will protect your lawn for the entire year, soaking up water and encouraging even growth. The Smart Patch Repair is perfect for areas which require a little extra attention. Simply rake the area lightly, spread the lawn seed, and gently water.

In the instance that you are working with a large area, Enrich compost may be the perfect fix. This award-winning, Irish-owned company produces peat free compost in the effort to make all of our gardens as sustainable as can be. Enrich compost has also received an organic certification from the Irish Organic Farmers and Growers Association. This organic compost is certainly one to look out for when thinking about strengthening your lawn this Spring.

For more information on how to best care for and look after your lawn, visit our garden centre in Cork or call 021 488 8134.