Olive Trees

A Mediterranean touch to your garden! 

Olive Trees are one of our favourite trees. A slow growing variety of tree which performs really well in our temperate climate, it will give you a lovely point of interest in your garden!

At The Pavilion, we have one of the largest selection of Olive Trees you will find in Ireland, so unsurprisingly, Olive Trees tend to be a big point of discussion here with our customers!

olive tree

To help you learn all you need to know, we have compiled a FAQ on Olive Trees, which will hopefully answer any questions you may have;

Do Olive Trees grow well in Ireland?  

Olive Trees grow very well in Ireland. Given the correct position in the garden, they will grow just as well here as in their native habitat. They will tolerate colder temperatures in Winter as long as they are not sitting in wet, clay-like soil. If your soil is heavy and wet, you can improve the soil by mixing material such as horticultural grit through the soil. Alternatively, you can plant the Olive in a suitable container with good drainage and a good quality compost. Try to choose a sunny, sheltered spot in the garden for best growing conditions.

Can I plant an Olive Tree in a container?

Yes, you certainly can. Ensure the container is at least slightly larger than the nursery pot it came in. Although Olives are slow growing, the container should be large enough to allow the tree to establish a healthy root system.  Ensure that the pot/container has plenty of drainage holes and use a good quality compost. It's a good idea to mix some horticultural grit through the compost to aid drainage. You should water your Olive regularly, keeping the compost just moist. You will need to water the container less often in Winter.

During very cold periods you can place your Olive in a sheltered porch or a cold conservatory if you are worried about a very cold temperature spell. Generally, an Olive tree will live happily outside year round.

Are Olive Trees difficult to take care of?

Due to their slow growing nature, Olive Trees are very easy to maintain.
If your Olive Tree is planted in a pot, it is recommended to feed it every 4-6 weeks during the growing season with a liquid fertiliser. Keep your container moist, avoid having it wet and water-logged. 

With Olive Trees planted in the garden, it's recommended to add mulch to the soil in the Spring time. Then add a good organic feed in early Summer. It will take 3 growing seasons for the olives to establish optimally, therefore, over these 3 years you will take care to check if it needs to be watered. Do be careful not to over-water. 

Will I need to prune my Olive Tree?

As Olive trees are very slow growing so they do not need much pruning and so are very easy to maintain. The aim of much of your pruning is to maintain a desired shape and size. You may also need to prune in late Spring / early Summer to remove any dead and dying branches or to allow more light in to the centre of the tree. 

Olive trees are prone to growing suckers. These tend to grow from the roots and bark. You should clip off any suckers as they take energy and strength from the main tree.

Are Olive Trees expensive?

With Olive Trees you are buying time. You can buy a standard Olive tree for as little as €50, it will be a young olive and will develop and mature over time. However, you can buy a mature olive for as much as €2,000 and this Olive will be somewhere between 20 and 30 years old.

Are Olive Trees Evergreen?

Yes they certainly are. They have beautiful silvery green foliage which will contrast beautifully with all the other greens in your garden - your grass, hedges and plants!

For more information on Olive Trees or any of our Specimen Plants range, you can contact our garden centre in Cork on 021 4888134.