Rhododendron Top Tips

Everything You Need To Know About Rhododendrons

The soft clusters of Rhododendrons are a favourite of the Springtime gardener. ‘Red Jack’, ‘Cunningham’s White’, and ‘American Beauty’ are some of our favourite ways to introduce a little red, white, or pink into the garden. Originating in Woodland areas, Rhododendrons thrive in partially shaded areas with protection from strong winds. These impressive plants love acidic soil and can be boosted with ericaceous compost and/or fertiliser for full, lively blooms.

To ensure your soil contains the appropriate pH for these acid-loving plants, a soil kit can be used to test your gardening grounds. Their large and shiny evergreen leaves are a standout amongst any array of Spring flowers. The late Spring typically signifies the start of the blooming period for Rhododendrons as they continue to flower throughout the Summer. A Rhododendron’s trumpet shaped petals make the perfect resting spot for hungry bees, creating a thriving garden environment. With a little attention and some gentle sun, Rhododendrons can be an incredibly rewarding plant to care for.

These evergreen shrubs make a hardy addition to any bed, border, hedge, or container. You may prune away any unwanted growth and feed with ericaceous plant food after the flowering period. A cluster of Rhododendrons will make the perfect accompaniment to any city or countryside garden. For more specifications on some of our favourite Rhododendrons and other Spring Flowering plants visit our garden centre in Cork or call us at 021 488 8134.