Salvia Top Tips

Salvia Top Tips

How to Care for Salvias

Summer simply couldn’t be far away when the tall petals of a Salvia start to spread. These perennial plants are a beginner-friendly pollinator, as they require little attention yet attract all kinds of bees, butterflies, and birds to your garden!

Do Salvia spread? Salvia are a natural spreader and often grow up to 3 feet from their original size. These plants will tolerate partial shade but love sunshine and show off their best colours when they receive approximately 6 hours of sun every day. While the most common Salvias have indigo blooms, red, lavender, pink, and white varieties also exist. These plants can be grown in borders, containers, and are a popular choice for lining pathways. While their soil does not need to be extremely rich, well-draining soil will benefit a cluster of Salvias. Due to their spreading nature, it is best to plant a group of Salvias with plenty of space between them as they will grow and fill in any gaps. This will also aid in air circulation around the plants.

To enjoy their blooms for longer, plant Salvias during the Spring season.They will make a lovely fresh or dried cut flower, and by cutting them by half towards the end of their season they will be encouraged to bloom again the following year. These drought-tolerant, aromatic wonders could just be the ideal addition to your garden this year.

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