Seaweed Fertiliser

Sometimes nature needs a helping hand to add some vibrance to your garden plants –  to do this you need to feed your plants!

Nature feeds her plants through the leaves falling from the trees, settling on the soil and in turn the nutrients are drawn into the soil. This is how nature naturally improves soil, paving the way for healthier plants.

In our gardens, we tend to clear away the leaves in Autumn, thereby limiting the opportunity for the soil to improve naturally. Therefore, we need to put that feed back into the soil through feeding our plants. 

When we think of feeding plants, we need to think of Spring as being like ‘breakfast time’, the most important meal of the day. For plants, Spring is the most important time to feed your borders and get them off to a flying start, as growth begins in earnest. When you see leaves growing on the trees in Spring time, this is a good indicator that its time to feed your borders. 

For plants there are 3 important nutrients you need to feed your plants;

  • Nitrogen – promotes leaf growth
  • Phosphates – promotes healthy root growth
  • Potassium – promotes fruit and flowers

A good quality plant fertiliser will have all 3 nutrients, you would call it a general fertiliser. 

At The Pavilion we highly recommend a plant fertiliser called Fast Grow. Fast Grow is an Irish product using Irish seaweed picked from our beaches so it’s the most natural product you will find to help your plants to grow. The seaweed is combined with a nutritious chicken manure mix and processed into pellet form. 

The chicken manure mixture in Fast Grow provides important nutrients of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium which will give your plants a boost both above and below ground, boosting the roots, leaves and fruits or flowers of the plant.

The seaweed element of Fast Grow provides your plants with trace elements such as boron, calcium, magnesium and zinc, this makes Fast Grow a balanced, all round food. If you think about us humans, we can’t absorb, for example, iron without vitamin C, similarly plants can’t absorb the major elements if the minor elements are missing, such as phosphorous can't be absorbed without boron, a trace element found in seaweed. Fast Grow is a very well balanced natural fertiliser to promote healthy plant growth, adding over 70 vitamins and enzymes to the soil.

To use Fast Grow, you apply a top dressing of pellets around the base of your plants and it will feed them for 4-6 weeks. It should be applied between Spring and Autumn. The rain water will help the soil to absorb and wash down the nutrients into the soil. Fast Grow is great for any of your mature plants, hedging and shrubs. You can also use Fast Grow to help along your new vegetable plants, just mix some pellets through the soil as you are planting. Fast Grow is also associated with increasing the shelf life of your crops when applied just before harvesting. 

If you need any further information about feeding your plants and seaweed fertilisers, you can call to our garden centre in Cork or call us on 021 4888134. We are open 7 days.