Spring Flowering Bulbs for Bees

As nature begins to renew and awaken, Spring flowering bulbs are a vital food source for our hungry pollinators.

When you consider that so little is in flower from early March, you can be assured that whatever flowers appear in your garden will provide a valuable source of food for honey bees at this time of year.

Honey bees need lots of fuel from about March onwards each year to give them the energy they need for comb construction and population build up. It is the time of year when they are most prone to starvation as the queen begins to lay more eggs, therefore the demand for food increases.

Bee season tends to start in early Spring, however, this is dependant on 2 factors; warming temperatures and seasonal flowers. While you can do nothing to influence the weather, you can ensure that you plant an abundance of Spring flowering bulbs in the autumn, thereby ensuring that the bees will have plenty of food to feed on in Spring.

If you are unsure about what varieties of Spring bulbs to plant in order to give nature a boost, there are some great combinations of bulbs you can plant that will be loved by wildlife in Spring. These combinations are specially designed to encourage pollinators to your garden from early Spring. It's a win, win situation, more flowers for you and more food for bees and butterflies! 🐝 🦋   

Pollinator Friendly Spring Bulb Collections     


Spring flowering bulbs
spring flowering bulbsspring flowering bulbs
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