Stipa Grass Top Tips

How do you plant a Stipa?

Stipa Grasses are a delicate and feathery perennial plant, perfectly suited to beach-like environments. These tall grasses thrive in sunshine and are hardy enough to withstand strong winds. Whistling through the warm breeze of the Summer, and adding texture to the otherwise dry garden landscapes of the Winter, Stipas are an all-around pleasure to have in the garden.

Do you cut back ponytail grass?

Although these grasses vary in size, Stipa Tenuissima Pony Tails typically grow around 60cm in height. Their soft cloud-like sway is a great way to add movement to any gardening space. These plants are also suitable to be planted in containers. During the Autumn this fine foliage turns straw-like, reflecting a light shimmering gold colour. Cut back old foliage in the early Spring season to allow fresh stems to grow.

This feathery grass variety acts as the perfect natural border to any garden, using its naturally fluffy plumes to protect more sensitive plants from strong winds. Stipas are an easy way to add movement to the garden. With very little maintenance and plenty to gain from it’s structure, this decorative grass will be a practical and visual treat all year round.

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