Summer bulbs

The time for planting your summer bulbs is here!  April and May are our last chance to plant summer bulbs, guaranteeing a flourish of blooms and colour right throughout summer!

Here are just a few reasons and ideas on how to create your perfect summer garden this year! 

Wildlife Blooms

summer flowering bulbs

It is important to utilise your outdoor space to create a haven for wildlife. Beautiful combinations of summer bulbs will attract plenty of bees and butterflies, who are vital to our plants as they are the pollinators which help the plants reproduce and blossom. They pollinate all sorts of plants, fruits and vegetables that you can grow through summer and create your own biotope at home. 

Urban Gardening

summer flowering bulbs

For all of you living in the city or an apartment and want to bring nature one step closer to home! Doesn’t matter if you have a balcony or a small window sill, there are plenty of summer bulbs that you can plant this summer to create your own garden in the comfort of your own home. 

Floral Touch

summer flowering bulbs

These days, taking a minute to enjoy the summer beauty around you can be hard to find. Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of colour to brighten up the day! Planting your summer bulbs now will bring with it an array of colours and smells that gives you that summer feeling. From fruit to flowers, it’s always more satisfying to grow your own and bring your homegrown summer flowers inside to decorate your home with vases full of fresh cut flowers. 

Pavilion Favourites

We asked our team what their top 3 favourite summer bulbs are to plant this time of year, here is what they came up with;


summer flowering bulbs

It wouldn’t be summer without Dahlias! They come in so many wonderful colours and are perfect for the summer. They absolutely adore the sun and are very accepting of many soil types. If you’re growing Dahlias in pots, use a good quality, peat-free multi-purpose compost.Ideal for planting April and May, once the cold patch has passed, and will blossom all through the summer. 

Nerine Bowdenii

summer flowering bulbs

Nerine Bowdenii, commonly known as Cornish lily, Cape flower, Guernsey lily, and Bowden lily, are always a beautiful addition to any garden. Ideal for planting in May and June, and aim to blossom in September. They work wonderfully well in borders and containers, as well as making great cut flowers, too.

Agapanthus Blue and White

summer flowering bulbs

Agapanthus (African lily or lily of the Nile) are some of the most beautiful and reliable summer plants you can grow. Ideal for pots and borders, they flower from July to September in shades that range from dark violet to blue and pure white.

For more information on summer bulbs and all your gardening questions, feel free to pop into our garden centre in Cork or call us on 021 4888134.