What is the best alternative to Top Soil?

If you need a topsoil that is nutrient rich and guaranteed to improve the quality of your soil, Enrich Pro-Grow is definitely the soil improver for you. 

Enrich Pro-Grow is an exceptional alternative to topsoil, it is a nutrient dense, peat-free organic mixture that is 100% natural. Owing to its blend of soil, organic compost and grit, it is full of valuable nutrients that will improve the quality of your soil. Pro-Grow has been finely screened to remove any clumps so it is very easy to dig, spread and work with. 

Due to the addition of grit, Pro-Grow has excellent drainage ability and is recommended for use in areas where drainage is a challenge. So if, for example, you are installing a new lawn in an area where drainage is an issue, Pro-Grow would be an excellent choice. Pro-Grow is also a great material for adding to raised beds, pots and containers giving plants the best possible soil conditions.

 The benefits of using Enrich Pro Grow Top Soil are:

Hugely improves the fabric of the soil making it easier to work with

It is rich in living nutrients & provides a food source for beneficial micro-organisms which improves the quality of the soil

Reduces or eliminates the need to use chemical fertilisers due to it's slow release of valuable nutrients to the plants

Organic matter promotes natural activity of ecosystems in the soil, an essential element for soil health

Enables improved root development in plants resulting in stronger & healthier plants

Prolongs plant health in periods of drought through its ability to retain moisture

Promotes Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC) resulting in greater uptake of nutrients

Enrich Pro-Grow is Peat free, finely screened and weed free and a 100% natural product. It is produced to the European Quality Standard QAS 441.

You can buy Enrich Pro-Grow in cubic metre bags which will service an area of 10 sqm when spread to a depth of 100mm (4 inches).

Enrich Pro-Grow can be added / mixed to soil to improve the quality of your soil or it can be used as a top dressing. For best results add to loose soil at a rate of 100-150mm in depth. Then rake to desired finish. Pro-Grow is by far the best alternative to top soil on the Irish market, optimising the health of your garden soil.

At The Pavilion Garden Centre in Cork we deliver Enrich Pro-Gro Soil Improver nationwide in Ireland. If you need advice on soil improvers, call into our garden centre in Cork or call us on 021 4888134. We are open each day.