The benefits of cooking using a rotisserie on a Weber BBQ

The benefits of cooking using a rotisserie on a Weber BBQ

You don't need to be a bbq pro to use a rotisserie on your Weber bbq. It's simply a dream attachment, transforming the way you cook all year round 🔥

Weber BBQ's are the most versatile barbecues you will find. Whatever you can roast or cook in your kitchen oven, you can do it on a Weber, only better. The unique taste and flavours you can achieve while barbecuing are delicious. Rotisserie cooking brings your Weber bbq to a whole new level.

Roasting on a rotisserie adds a new, exciting dimension to a bbq. Food is cooked evenly and beautifully as it rotates throughout the cooking process. With the constant rotation action, your roast is basting in its own juices, resulting in wonderfully juicy and tender meat with a delicious outside crust. 

A rotisserie kit is available for the following models of Weber bbq's

If you would love to regularly roast your meat on a spit at home, this is definitely a Weber accessory that you will absolutely love.

Tips for using a rotisserie

On a gas bbq, for best results remove the cooking grills from the bbq and place 1-2 drip pans, depending on the size of your roast, on top of the flavorizer bars. 

Preheat the bbq for rotisserie cooking in the same way you would your kitchen oven until it reaches the desired temperature

While the bbq is heating, prepare your meat. With a chicken for example, its best to truss your chicken by tucking the wings behind its back & wrapping the legs together at the ankles. You then need to tie everything in place using twine. This will help keep the meat juicy and prevent the legs and wings from burning. Then lightly coat the chicken with olive oil & season with a herb mix. Place the chicken onto the rotisserie rod and into the heated bbq as per rotisserie instructions. The chicken will cook for approximately 1hr 15 mins.  

If you need any more tips or advice check out our bbq blog articles or you can visit our garden centre in Cork. The Pavilion is a Weber World Store stocking the full range of Weber in Ireland.