Tips for storing your BBQ outside

A BBQ is a significant investment so you will find some tips helpful on how to store your BBQ outdoors enabling you to use it year round

Weber BBQ's are made for the outdoors. Weber's philosophy is that a bbq should not be stored away in the shed for 6 months of the year, it is an invaluable outdoor grill and oven that should serve you over the course of the year. 

We have compiled the following tips for storing your bbq outside

  • Place your bbq as near to your patio door as possible. Basically, set your bbq in an area where you are most likely to be tempted to use it! Once you begin to grow experience with grilling, you will want to grill more and more often, so a location that is as near to the kitchen door as possible is ideal. However, in Winter time, it's a good idea to place your BBQ in an area that has some wind protection or you might just feel safer to wheel it into the shed if a bad storm is forecast.
  • For a gas bbq, you will need to disconnect the regulator from the hose. This will avoid any nasty accidents particularly if there are children about. We all know how children so often pretend to be grown ups and love to play 'kitchen', it would be so easy for them to accidentally light the bbq while you are not looking. Disconnecting the hose will prevent any nasty accidents.
  • For a charcoal bbq, its a good idea to clean out the ash just incase water seeps in making it an even bigger job to clean the next time you want to light your coals.
  • Burn off any excess food and grease by heating your bbq to a high temperature. This will make it very easy to scrape away any excess with a wire brush
  • Put a cover on your bbq. While the warranty on a Weber bbq does not require you to use a cover, it is certainly a good idea to protect your bbq. We have seen birds use bbq's as target practice or even a neighbours cat finding a nice warm spot on the hood for sunbathing. You will be glad you thought to protect your outdoor grill! It's recommended that your bbq should be completely dry before covering your bbq.

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