Weber's Traveller Gas BBQ - new arrival!

Weber's Traveler Gas Barbecue is the most exciting portable addition to the Weber family of bbq's.

If like so many of us who already have a Weber Genesis or Spirit bbq at home, the burning question on your lips is probably, 'Why would I need another Weber bbq'?

The answer really depends on your lifestyle! Weber's Traveler is so well suited to people who love to enjoy deliciously home cooked food on the go. So, if you are likely to go on family picnics, day trips to the beach or camping holidays, you will find this an incredibly versatile portable bbq, allowing you to cook great meals on the go, wherever your adventure takes you!

What we love about Weber Traveler

  • It folds neatly away, taking up little boot space in your car
  • Easy to move about once you park up, you can wheel the bbq along behind you in the same way you would your holiday suitcase, until you find a nice spot to unfold and begin barbecuing
  • The traveler has a surprisingly large grilling area, you can bbq up to 15 burgers at a time, so you can cook for your whole family all at once!
  • You can easily regulate your temperature from low to high settings. Therefore you are never limited, you can sear a steak, cook pancakes, grill veggies, fry eggs, the list is endless!
  • A side table is so convenient to use while grilling, it saves you from needing a third hand! This feature is super handy on the Traveler.
  • Tool hooks are something we can't live without, especially while grilling out and about. Tool hooks help you keep your tools clean, you are never looking for a clean spot to set them down and when you are cooking on the go this is a really useful feature
  • Weber have a 5 year warranty on the cook box and lid assembly with a 2 year warranty on all remaining parts

To find out more about Weber's Traveler Portable BBQ you can visit our garden centre in Cork or check out our Weber Traveler product page on our website.

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