What's the best BBQ

This is a great question! While situations may differ, there are some BBQ's that tick pretty much all the boxes, so lets take a deep dive through some of our customers most loved choices!

To figure our what's the best bbq for you, we will look at what stage you are at in your grilling journey and match the best bbq to your grilling skills!

This article is divided up on level of grilling experience so we have chosen the most suitable gas and charcoal grill to match your level of experience!

Whats the best bbq to buy

Beginner at Grilling

Best Gas for Beginner; Weber's Spirit II E-320 is a great grill for somebody who is new to grilling. This 3 burner BBQ ensure's it's big enough to feed all the family. The Spirit includes the GS4 grilling system which means that it has a sure fire ignition system that will never let you down, it has stainless steel burners that radiate even heat, the flavorizer bars to give that smokey BBQ taste to food and finally an excellent grease management system making it very easy to clean. The Spirit II E-310 is also GBS compatible which gives you endless grilling options. This Weber BBQ is a really great choice and one of the most popular BBQ's at The Pavilion.

Best Charcoal for Beginner: Weber Master-Touch Premium E-5770 is a great starting point for your barbecuing journey because as you adapt your skills, it can adapt with you! The Master-Touch charcoal barbecue can sear a steak to perfection, and then just as easily transform into a smoker for slow, long cooks such as smoking ribs or pork shoulder. With new features such as a hinged lid and charcoal ring for most efficient fuel consumption, the Master-Touch Premium is an excellent choice for a beginner who would like the comfort of knowing that you are choosing a bbq that is unique and versatile. The Mastertouch is GBS compliant which means that you can add useful accessories later such as a rotisserie, griddle pan, dutch oven duo etc. The One-Touch cleaning system also ensures that cleaning your BBQ is pretty much a doddle, leaving you more time to sit and enjoy your garden!

Intermediate at Grilling

Best Gas for Intermediate griller: Weber Genesis II EP-335 is an excellent upgrade choice of BBQ. It has all the element's of the Spirit EP-335 but comes with some useful extra features. The Genesis-335 is a more powerful BBQ with up to 11.43 KW of heat. It comes with a sear station which an extra boost of heat for locking in flavours so you can grill amazing steaks & pizza's for example! The hood is double insulated making it excellent at maintaining a steady temperature such as you will need with slow roasting. The double insulated hood is also associated with lower gas consumption which is an added plus especially for longer cooks! The last best thing about the EP-335 is the side burner, you have no reason to leave the garden if you wish to stir fry vegetables or make gravy, your whole meal can be attended to at the BBQ! 

Best Charcoal for Intermediate griller: Weber Performer Delux GBS This charcoal grill is just the dream, with just a push of a button, the coals are lit, and the scent of BBQ fills the air. The gas ignition on the performer takes all the work out of lighting the coals. We also love the large worktable allowing you to prepare your food or keep platters, tools and seasoning within reach. The neatly tucked away bin underneath ensures that you can keep your workspace neat and tidy.  Similar to the Master-Touch Premium, the Performer is GBS compliant, so you can add some useful accessories such as rotisserie, pizza stone and griddle pan making the BBQ very versatile. Also, the One-Touch cleaning system means that cleanup is always guaranteed to be easy so you can sit back and enjoy the performance!  

Advanced at Grilling

Best Gas for Advanced: Weber Summit S-670 This Weber bbq will give you goosebumps just dreaming about it. There is so much included, you will never, ever want an upgrade bbq again! If you love to entertain in your garden, into the dark hours, this bbq has everything - it grills comfortably for up to 12 people, the handle and panel control lights will guide you after dark, it includes a tuck away rotisserie, infra-red rotisserie burner, smoker box, 6 stainless steel burners, integrated sear station, a side burner and handy enclosed storage underneath. Basically, almost everything you could ever need! A Weber S-670 is a real patio statement piece, you will always love it! 

Best Charcoal for Advanced: Weber Summit Kamado Charcoal Grill The durable, double-walled insulated steel and unlimited potential of the Summit Kamado Charcoal Grill puts it in a class of its own. It reaches desired temperatures in fast time, maintains heat for all-day smoking, and the gas ignition makes lighting charcoal so easy with the push of a button. The Kamado has an extra-large 61cm cooking area, so it’s great if you need to cook for a crowd, it is ready to handle any size garden feast. You simply need to alter the position of the grate to transform your Kamado into an every-day charcoal barbecue to sear steaks, barbecue chicken, smoke fish, and anything else you’re serving at the BBQ. The Weber Summit Kamado is a statement piece, if you love grilling on coals and you have grilling experience, you will love the Summit Kamado forever more!

If you need any assistance figuring out what's the best bbq for your situation, feel free to call into our garden centre in Cork if you are nearby, or call us on 021 4888134 and we will do our best to help you! We stock a full range of Weber BBQ's & accessories and Kamado Joe BBQ's, so you are sure to find a bbq that will make you love to grill 🔥